Our Story

With over 31years of experience in the beauty industry and her degree in Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine. Angela was inspired to start creating products for her daughters and customers that would consist of all natural ingredients that would help keep their hair, skin, and body healthy, shiny, and vibrant. She applied her knowledge as a Cosmetologist and Alternative Medicine to do research on each ingredient specific for the hair, skin, and body. Starting off small with hair products like shampoo and conditioner to expanding her innovations into supplements for the body. After some trail and error she has successfully created a brand that she wants to share not with just her customers but the world. One thing Angela wants everyone to remember is that you are beautiful and have a "Crown of Radiance" no matter what.

The Company

Aloe Eucalyptus Spearmint Collection

  • Skin Cream Moisturizer

  • Green Tea Face Mask

  • Pain Salve