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Crown of Radiance

Parasite Cleanse Tea

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These herbs for this blend were picked because they are the most effective in
eliminating intestinal parasite and stopping their life cycle. In addition, in this
parasite cleansing tea it contains herbs that remove unwanted yeast/candida and
mucus. It also stimulates healthy liver and kidney functioning to promote overall
health. Please Note: herbs are extremely BITTER to taste.

Wormwood:  used for removing intestinal parasites and stimulating healthy

Black walnut hull: Antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic, and a fungicide used to
treat intestinal worms.

Intestinal parasites can infect the gastro-intestinal tract of humans and other
animals. They can live throughout the body, but most prefer the intestinal wall
where they can leech and steal our vital nutrients and release harmful toxins into
our bodies causing a long list of common and not so common ailments.


Wormwood Artemisia absinthium), Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium), Black walnut hull & leaf (Juglans regia), peppermint (Mentha x piperita), spearmint (Mentha spicata),


Boil one cup of water add one teaspoon of herbal blend in a tea ball, put it in the cup of boiled water and steep (let sit) covered up for 15 minutes. Remove the tea ball and add honey. Drink no more than 2 cups a day.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding do not drink this tea.

Disclaimer: Crown of Radiances therapeutic products are not intended to diagnose, treat,
cure, or prevent any disease. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not
evaluated the aforementioned. Crown of Radiance representatives are NOT
medical doctors. When used for children under twelve make sure it is safe to take
the ingredients in the product. Dosages for children under twelve are always half
of the adult dosage. For medical advice, please contact your physician. If you are
pregnant or breast feeding. Please do not use any of the herbal products unless it
is stated that it is safe for a pregnant women or breast feeding.